Safe & Effective Tattoo Removal for Boston’s South Shore & Beyond

Joseph D. Emma, MD and MD Laser Technologies are based in Avon, Massachusetts and are pleased to offer laser tattoo removal, featuring state of the art technology and complimentary pain management treatment. All potential customers receive a free initial consultation.

Whether you want to love your existing tattoo (a partial removal/lightening for cover-up) or leave it (a complete removal), we’re here to help! Our state-of-the-art RevLite SI system uses multiple wavelengths of laser light to remove ALL tattoo pigments and is safe for ALL skin types.

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How Does It Work?

Shoulder-Tattoo-RemovalOur RevLite SI is a state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal system that utilizes different wavelengths to target all of the pigments found in tattoos. The basis of treatment is selective photothermolysis – the destruction of ink particles by absorption of laser energy without damaging the surrounding tissue. The laser light shatters the tattoo pigment trapped in the skin into micro particles, allowing it to pass through the cell walls and be flushed out of the body via the the lymphatic system.

While the typical treatment time is under five minutes, multiple sessions (5-15 on average) are required for removal. As part of your free consultation, a certified laser technician will evaluate your tattoo and estimate a treatment plan based on such factors as skin type, pigment color, and tattoo location. Because each tattoo is different, it is important to customize each client’s course of treatment in order to maximize effectiveness.

And, because it takes the body about 4 weeks to flush out all the pigment affected from a given treatment, appointments are scheduled at a minimum of six weeks apart.


Partial Removal & Lightening


Do you only dislike part of your tattoo? Maybe a certain person’s name with whom you no longer associate, a misspelling, or an element that doesn’t quite look right? No problem. We can easily mask off the “good” parts of your tattoo and remove only what you specify.

Looking to cover up your existing piece with a new tattoo? We can help! While there are many tattoo artists doing wonderful work with the cover-up tattoos, there are often situations where the existing tattoo is so dark that covering it up as is would either be impossible or force awkward design decisions. We are more than happy to work with your tattoo artist and do complete or partial lightening as he or she sees fit.


Location, Location, Location!

Before-and-After-Tattoo-RemovalCustomers should understand that while the amount, color, and quality, of ink used in tattoos can have an effect on the number of treatments, the location of the tattoo is actually the most important determinant of how hard or easy a tattoo will be to remove.

A big part of effective tattoo removal is where the tattoo is on the body. As with any healing, the better circulation the body part receives, the more easily it heals/flushes out the ink microparticles. The closer to the heart, the better – above the heart is ideal. The ranking of body parts, from easiest to work with to most difficult is as follows:

head/neck (easiest)
upper torso: from neck to bottom of ribs
lower torso: from bottom of ribs down
upper arm/leg
lower arm/leg
hands/fingers/feet/toes (difficult)

In order to estimate the total number of treatments required for a given tattoo, we utilize the Kirby-Desai Scale (which takes into account factors such as skin type, pigment color, and tattoo location).

Most tattoos require anywhere from 5-15 treatments for full removal.


Is Your Ink In The Way?


While tattoos are very common and seem to be more accepted in the work place every year, there is still no doubt that certain types of tattoos – and especially certain locations of tattoos – can hold back your career in a professional environment. Don’t let your ink get in the way!

Also, the four main branches of the U.S. Military and the Coast Guard have fairly strict policies on tattoos, and if you are considering military service or have already enlisted, you may want to get an idea of whether or not your tattoos may cause you a problem. We have prepared a summary of each branch’s policies for your reference – just click the name of the branch you’re interested in and you can download the guide. If you have any specific questions, you can always call us at (508) 586-0271 or check with your recruiter.

Military Policy Guides: Marine CorpsNavyArmyAir ForceCoast Guard


How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?


Because every tattoo – and every body – is different, there is no way to quote a price for tattoo removal without us actually seeing the tattoo and creating a custom treatment plan.

That said, to have a tattoo removed completely can take any where from 5 to 15 sessions, and each session, depending on the size, location, and pigment type of the tattoo, will usually cost between $100 and $300 dollars.

We do offer our customers a variety of discounts however:

  • Active duty military or intending to serve: 20% off
  • Refer a friend: both you and your friend get 20% off next treatment
  • Tattoo Artist: 30% off with proof of employment
  • Package Deal: purchase 3 or more treatments at once, 20% off
  • Multiple Tattoos: want to get more than one tattoo dealt with? 20% off